CivicData is a free open data solution created by Accela, a leading provider of civic engagement solutions for government agencies.

CivicData makes it easy

Easy for government agencies to publish and manage their datasets.

Easy for civic-minded developers to build on up-to-date, multijurisdictional data.

Easy for citizens to access infomation about their communities from government agencies.

We provide expertise

Open data can be complex to implement successfully. That's why Accela is proud to provide free consultations to government agencies with our team of open data experts. Our experts provide guidance on strategy, initial setup and technical implementation, and are dedicated to helping government agencies achieve success with their open data initiatives.

CivicData is built on open source

At Accela, we're passionate about open source software and we are proud to have built CivicData on top of CKAN, a dependable and secure best-in-breed open source platform, also used by the federal government's, the UK, Australia, Open Colorado and many local and state jurisdictions.

Benefits for existing Accela customers

CivicData is seamlessly integrated with the Accela Civic Platform, meaning that government agencies can publish data from Accela products in real time to citizens and developers.